Sierra Pippen arrested for urinating in a hotel

Sierra Pippen arrested for urinating in a hotel

According to media reports Wednesday, Sierra Pippen, the 20-year-old daughter of basketball legend Scottie Pippen, was reportedly arrested early Sunday morning, April 26, for urinating in a hotel lobby while intoxicated.

‘The Chicago Sun Times’ reports Sierra entered the lobby of the Sheraton Inn in Iowa City, Iowa, urinated and left. Hotel employees, who recognized the young woman from an earlier incident, then contacted police.

The report claims Sierra (who isn’t of age) was arrested and charged with public intoxication and public urination.

According to a record of criminal complaints, Sierra was arrested at the same hotel on April 10 after she got into a fight with a member of the security team.

She admitted to being drunk and was arrested after a breathalyzer revealed her BAC to be a .141 percent.