The rapping granny from “The Wedding Singer” has died.

Ellen Albertini Dow, who was best known for her amazing cover of The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer,” died on Monday at the age of 101. Dow’s longtime agent Juliet Green confirmed Dow’s death to Deadline.

Dow also played Peterman’s mother in an episode of “Seinfeld, a Choir Nun in “Sister Act,” the foul-mouthed grandma in “Wedding Crashers” and a granny in “Hannah Montana,” just to name a few. She also made appearances in “The Wonder Years,” “Golden Girls” and “ER.”

Dow was born in Pennsylvania in 1913. She moved to New York to become an actress, and performed with the famous mime Marcel Marceau in Paris.
After moving to California, where she taught drama, Dow landed her big break in the 1980s, and went on to appear in movies and television.

Ellen Albertini Dow:  Rapping Granny Dead at 101

Ellen Albertini Dow: Rapping Granny Dead at 101