Kalinda said goodbye on The Good Wife Sunday night.

The scene that many Good Wife fans had been waiting for was between Kalinda and Alicia (Julianna Margulies), who hadn’t shared a screen since season 5 and whose few interactions since had been via cell phone.

In Sunday’s finale, their conversation in the bar was fairly stilted. “I’m not very good at talking. I never have been,” Kalinda said, as if providing an excuse to the viewer for the lack of Kalicia scenes for what has felt like the past several hundred years.

Continued Kalinda, “But I do need to say this: My time with you as your friend was the best I ever had.”

“My time with you as your friend was the best I ever had, and I’m sorry. I’m really sorry that things got messed up,” Kalinda told her.
“I wish we had the chance to do it over again,” Alicia said.
“I have to go,” Kalinda told her.
“I’ll never see you again?” Alicia asked.
“I don’t think so,” Kalinda replied.
“That’s too bad,” Alicia said.
“I, um [nods], goodbye,” Kalinda said.
“Bye,” Alicia replied.

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The Good Wife Finale