Kanye West BMA Censored

Kanye West BMA Censored

According to TMZ, the producers of the Billboard Music Awards were completely surprised when Kanye West began using profanity during his performance of “All Day”. West never had a dress rehearsal so they expected him to perform a clean version of the song.

A source said: “He knew it was national TV. He’s Kanye. What are we supposed to do?”

E! Online adds:

Dr. West took the stage in typical flashy fashion, but the pyrotechnics produced so much smoke it nearly eclipsed the rapper himself. Still, Yeezus launched into an impassioned performance of “All Day” and “Black Skinhead,” only, because ‘Ye failed to censor himself, the network had to overcompensate, muting out large portions of his rap.
Kanye likely wasn’t thrilled that viewers at home missed out on much of his message, but those inside MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas got to experience the full ‘Ye glory as he intended.

Mariah Carey also didn’t have a dress rehearsal. Sources claim that this happens often for the stars.