Matthew McConaughey boo

Matthew McConaughey boo

Sea of Trees was booed at this year’s Cannes Film Festival

Staring Matthew McConaghey and Naomi Watts, Sea of Tree was roundly jeered at the fest after its debut on Friday.

Critics have already taken to Twitter to share their negative reaction to Gus Van Sant’s latest film.

The Guardian calls the movie, about a man who tries to commit suicide in Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” a “fantastically annoying and dishonest tear-jerker.” While at the base of Mount Fuiji, the site of many other suicides, Arthur Brennan (McConaughey) encounters a Japanese man (Ken Watanabe) who also wants to kill himself, and the two begin a journey of self-reflection while trying to survive.

Here’s some reaction from Twitter after Sea of Trees’ final credits rolled: