Last night, on the season premiere of The Bachelorette, was one to remember.

Contestant “Ryan M.” played the role of wasted, chauvinistic pig at the opening cocktail party—slamming Fireball, yelling about being “horned up,” and even smacking Bachelorette Kaitlyn on the ***.

When the 28-year-old “junkyard specialist” (sounds officially right?) got out of the limo, he seemed like a regular guy searching for love in the biggest spotlight in America.

That image was quickly shaken.

After a few hours, more than a few drinks, Ryan M. quickly turned into THAT guy.

According to to ET, When one contestant tried to make a memorable entrance by forgoing the limo for a “carpool” — a car that was filled to the brim with water — Ryan immediately ruined the creative entrance by screaming, “That car sucks!” And that was just the tip of the douchey iceberg…

The Kansas native performed a plethora of dick-moves over the course of one episode. Not only did he try to grab Britt’s face for an impromptu smooch, he slapped Kaitlin’s ***, and, on multiple occasions, referred to the two Bachelorette hopefuls as “hoes.”

check out the drunk bachelorette contestant Ryan M in the video below