channing tatum pranks

channing tatum pranks

When fans attended a preview for the Magic Mike sequel, they got a bit more than they bargained for.

Tatum 35, stunned fans recently by staging a pretend preview of the Magic Mike sequel and disguising himself as a balding, old marketing executive to quiz them about their love for the stripper movie.

Tatum teamed up with officials at charity website to launch a competition offering one lucky fan the chance to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Magic Mike XXL with Tatum himself, and he decided to promote the prize by inviting a group of devotees to what was billed as an advanced screening.

He posed as veteran studio employee Scott Galsey for the stunt to ask attendees what they thought of the original 2012 film, and then told them they would be seeing Magic Mike XXL in 3D.

channing tatum pranks 2

However, instead of screening the new movie, he treated guests to a sexy performance from a group of male strippers.

Tatum, as Galsey, was then invited to join in and dance and he subsequently pulled off his wig and fake beard to reveal his real identity, much to fans’ excitement.

The stunt was filmed to promote the contest, which ends later this month, and was posted online on Tuesday.

To enter the Omaze competition, fans must make a donation via the website to earn chances to win. Donations will support the Runa Foundation’s aim to build a medical research clinic to explore the power of Amazonian plant medicine.