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Ashley Tisdale, who rose to fame as one of the teen stars in the beloved High School Musical series, will soon be starring in the upcoming sitcom Clipped.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, the actress admitted she feels like she could have been a hairstylist.

Tisdale, 29, said, “The fact that Clipped takes place in a barbershop, I felt like I was literally meant to do this show, because I’ve spent, like, the last 10 years in salons—so long!”

She then made a confession she’s just a frustrated hairdresser deep down:

“I think I’m a frustrated hairdresser deep down. I just love doing my own hair.”

Ashley explained to Entertainment Weekly that she tried cutting her co-star’s hair in the pilot episode of Clipped, and it didn’t go as planned!

“Yeah, they actually made us do hair-cutting classes,” Ashley revealed, “We learned how to cut the hair and we would cut the wigs and stuff. In the pilot, I got super confident. I feel like I’m pretty good at faking because I’ve obviously spent so much time in hair salons so I picked up a lot of things from people doing my hair. One of the actresses, she doesn’t have a wig, and I was like, ‘Oh, can I trim your ends in the scene because I learned how to do it and I think I’m really good at it.’ And she’s like ‘Oh yeah!’ We got picked up and the first episode she’s back, she goes, ‘Just so you know, don’t cut my hair.’ And I’m like ‘What are you talking about?’ [laughing] ‘Because I went to my hair person and they’re like, ‘Don’t ever let her do that again.’”

Uh oh! Sounds like Ashley should put down the scissors when she’s behind the barbershop chair!

Clipped is set to premiere on the TBS on June 16, 2015.

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