Jennifer Aniston Needed Tanning Intervention

Jennifer Aniston Needed Tanning Intervention

Aniston tanning intervention

Jennifer Aniston recently told People that she had to give herself a tanning “intervention” a while back.

“I gave myself a sun-tanning intervention a few years ago, where I was basically saying, ‘Let’s just quit while we’re ahead,'” she told the magazine. “I was not great as a kid with sunscreen. That’s one of my big regrets.”

The former Friends star now uses sunscreen every day to combat U.V. rays and wrinkles. If her sun-tervention comes at a surprise, we don’t blame you. The Cake star has been spotted time and time again tanning in Mexico, coming back with bronzed skin that only the natural sun can give you. She even argued that U.V. rays only benefit people in the long run.

“Honestly, this is going to sound so silly—going in the sun for 20 minutes a day is really important, vitamin D, because we are now having a vitamin D deficiency because of all the S.P.F.,” she said in an interview.

Last week Jennifer Aniston reminded everyone on Instagram how cool the 90’s were(?).

The former Friends star took to her Instagram account for Living Proof, her beauty company, and proceeded to post a photo from the decade of Central Perk. “#tbt to a time before we had Living Proof,” Aniston wrote of the photo, which also featured her friend Andrea Bendewald from Suddenly Susan.