Kelly Ripa May Be Pregnant If Recent Trip Is Any Indication

Kelly Ripa May Be Pregnant If Recent Trip Is Any Indication

During Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael, the 44-year-old blond beauty opened up about her recent trip to Montreal with husband Mark Consuelos—and revealed why the location is so special to the longtime lovebirds, who have been married since 1996.

Ripa explained that she seems to get pregnant every time she and Mark visit Montreal. According to E! News, the couple recently visited the city, leading some to believe that Kelly could be expecting again, just based on that TMI moment.

“If you’re going to Canada, you must, must stop by Montreal…I love Montreal, it holds a very special place in my heart, in our hearts—Mark and me—we used to go there every year for our wedding anniversary…until we kept getting pregnant there!”

She may not be pregnant yet, but they are trying.

In April, Mark Consuelos played co-host to Kelly Ripa Wednesday on Live! With Kelly and Michael where the conversation quickly turned to babies. After the pair read an article claiming they were expecting their fourth child together, the audience immediately began to clap thinking it was a confirmation.

But wait, hold the applause. It’s not true, people!

“Time out,” Ripa explained while laughing and clarifying that it’s just a joke. “I’m not saying we’re not trying. We’re always trying. We tried just this morning.”

But seriously guys, no baby bumps anytime soon.