cindy brady susan olsen

cindy brady susan olsen

Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady from iconic ’70s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” has spilled the beans on her very un Brady-like behavior.

In a new interview with Australia’s, the former TV star let the cat out of the bag on “The Brady Bunch” hookups, revealing that everyone in the family was getting down with everyone.

Susan revealed in the interview, “We led a sheltered life for part of the year so if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts. So I had Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) and we used to make out in the doghouse when we were nine.” She continued, “Eve (Plumb, Jan Brady) always had a crush on Chris (Knight, Peter Brady), they did kind of hook up later on. And of course there was Maureen (McCormick, Marcia Brady) and Barry (Williams, Greg Brady), but Barry really wanted to hook up with Florence (Henderson, Carol Brady), but Florence kept that very platonic.”

Sounds like the whole cast was looking for love or at least did their best to sully that squeaky clean Brady image portrayed on television sets all across America.

Susan also admitted that after she left the show, she and her then husband essentially became drug dealers. The ’70s icon clarified, “I guess technically, but I was really a [marijuana] grower, my husband at the time and I grew it hydroponically. I have never really enjoyed smoking it, it makes me very paranoid. But it was my husband’s idea.”

The actress continued, “It was really fascinating and I’ve always been into ‘gardening’ and it’s such a complicated, wonderfully fascinating plant. But that was one of the reasons why I did leave my husband, because it just bothered me too much that we were doing something so illegal.”

Who would have thought sweet lil’ pigtail-wearing Cindy would turn out to be a drug-farming lawbreaker?

“The Brady Bunch” ran from 1969-1974.

Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady