kylie jenner duct tape

While hosting the grand opening of the Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Miami Beach, Kylie Jenner got a lot of help from her secret weapon – duct tape.

Wearing a sheer black dress with a plunging neckline, the reality star joked on Instagram, “There’s a lot of duct tape under this dress holding these suckers up.”

At the candy-themed soiree, Jenner 17, admitted to Us Weekly that greeting her fans still took some getting used to even after years in the spotlight.

“It’s been years, but I still feel like I’m just someone normal,” she tells Us. “It’s crazy. I don’t realize it until I dye my hair blue and go to a meet and greet the next week and half the girls have blue hair. I don’t realize the big impact I have, so it’s just crazy.”

As for who she listens to keep her motivated in the gym, Jenner said she has one favorite.

“Anything from Kanye West,” she said of her brother-in-law’s music. “He keeps me going.”

KYLIE JENNER responded to trolls who commented on her weight by posting a stunning picture in a revealing swimsuit.

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