bobbi Kristina In Hospice, Lawsuit To Come

bobbi Kristina In Hospice, Lawsuit To Come

Brown Family Seeks Damages as Bobbi Kristina is Placed in Hospice

After a long battle to save Bobbi Kristina’s life, she has been moved to PeachTree Hospice where she is expected to pass away. A 10 million dollar lawsuit has been filed by her family against Nick Gordon, Kristina’s boyfriend.

Examination of Bobbi Kristina’s body showed signs of long term abuse including a fresh bruise on her face and broken teeth. The Bobbi Kristina lawsuit, hospice, and prayers are the Brown family’s only option that can be used to protect Bobbi Kristina. They will seek money for hospice payments will be demanded, reimbursement of medical costs; damages for her life threatening condition that has caused her to be put in hospice. All of these will be in addition to repaying the $10,000 he stole from her during her unconscious state.

This story hits the Brown family close to home with the history of Kristina’s mom, Whitney Houston’s long term abuse at the hands of Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown. Their marriage was comprised of fist fights, drugs, and all night binge drinking. They had both had been arrested for domestic violence multiple times. As the abuse continued, even after she separated from Brown, Houston continued to use drugs.

After a long battle with addiction, Whitney Houston died of an overdose in a hotel bathtub. Let Bobbi Kristina find the same peace her mother has.

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