malia obama internshipMalia Obama: Just one of the Girls?

While many teenagers will be flipping burgers or manning cash registers at the mall this summer, 17 year-old Malia Obama, daughter of President Barack Obama, will be an intern on the set of HBO’s hit show Girls.

There has been no official confirmation of Malia’s summer internship. The show was recently filming at Aurora Ristorante in Williamsburg when Malia was photographed on the set wearing cut-off jean shorts. It is not known exactly what Malia’s role is on Girls, but there has been some speculation that she will be working directly with the show’s creator and star, Lena Dunham.

If true, this would not be the first time that the President’s eldest daughter has explored a career in the entertainment industry. Last summer, Malia was an intern on the Extant, a television show starring Halle Berry.

In 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama stated that Malia was interesting in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.She said, “Malia has expressed some interest in filmmaking. Just like her father, she is an avid reader, and she enjoys movies. But she’s a freshman, so she also knows she has years in college to explore her interest.”

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