Utah School Teacher Gets Up to 30 Years in Prison for Intimate Relationships with Her Students

Farmington, Utah – Brianne Altice, a former high school English teacher and member of the Mormon church, was sentenced this week to a minimum of two-years in state prison on three-counts of forcible sexual assault on three high school boys ages 16 and 17. The attractive 36-year-old married mother maintained sexual relationships with the three boys. At this point, Mrs. Altice has lost everything in the scandal. Her husband divorced her and has sole custody of their child. Her reputation is destroyed. The Mormon Church will excommunicate her which is standard practice for people found guilty of sexual abuse. She will soon start a prison sentence that may last as long as 30 years.

Mrs. Altice was desperate to avoid prison and took the unusual step of writing the presiding judge request clemency. She reasoned that she would fare poorly in prison and would not recommit the same offenses if she was shown mercy. Two of her victims are suing the school for not preventing the abuse. They allege her promiscuous behavior with students was suspected if not well-known by faculty. At the time of her arrest, she had been teaching at the high school for a little more than a year. This means she likely began making overtures at select students almost from the outset of her employment.

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