Brandy Ignored As She Makes An *** Of Herself On Subway

Brandy Ignored As She Makes An *** Of Herself On Subway

Brandy Ignored On Subway

Well this is awkward to watch.

Singer Brandy recently rode a NYC subway and decided to treat passengers to an impromptu performance.

Brandy, 36, who was somewhat disguised behind big sunglasses and a hoodie, belted out a beautiful ballad as a pal videotaped taped her. The only problem is no one cared or paid her any attention.

“What ya’ll thought of that? Thought that was cool?” Brandy asked the people around her as they continue to ignore her. “Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares?”

She then asked a guy what he thought specifically. His response was pretty on the mark and genuine: “You’re supposed to go out there and say ‘hey’ to the people. You’re too into yourself.” Brandy agreed, seeing that she was in a corner of the subway car, and singing to herself and the cameraman.

“This is an important city ready to embrace you. Go for it. We’ve seen this a million times. You have to do something different,” he continued.

“I just gave that my all and nobody said nothing. People on New York are very rude, like oh my god,” Brandy joked with a valley girl accent. “I just sang from the heart, OK…Nobody on the train responded. I’m very emotional right now.”