Jimmie Walker, who is best known for his role as “JJ” on “Good Times” recounted his knowledge of Bill Cosby during the 1970s. He said that it was common knowledge that Bill Cosby was a womanizer who cheated on his wife Camille.

Walker said that he was completely shocked by allegations that Cosby drugged women to have sex with them. Walker said he never saw the “drug thing” any of the times he was with Cosby. Cosby has been under fire since multiple allegation have surfaced that he drugged and raped women. The women all said that they were afraid to come out at the time because Cosby was at the height of his power and they felt it was unlikely anyone would believe them.

Walker also spent some time during a recent interview with Sheppard Smith recalling that Cosby would caution other comics about their use of foul language. Walker said that he thought everybody knew that Cosby was spending time with a lot of women. He said the comedian never went out of his way to hide it. Cosby has not faced any criminal charges because the statute of limitation has run out in all of the cases.