Vergara drag queen:  'I'm a woman, but I'm very exaggerated'

Vergara drag queen: ‘I’m a woman, but I’m very exaggerated’

Vergara drag queen

Even Sofia Vergara may have one of the greatest body in Hollywood but she too has insecurities when she looks in the mirror.

“Sometimes I…think I look like a drag queen,” the Modern Family actress the Daily Mirror. “I’m a woman, but I’m very exaggerated with my boobs, my ***, how I do my makeup, and my accent, of course.”

Adding to her self-critique, the 45-yea-old Colombian-born actress admitted she’s baffled by the comparisons with Kim Kardashian. “I’m going up for sexiest *** against Kim Kardashian and she’s like, 10 years younger than me. She should be upset she’s up against me,” Vergara said. “I’ve met her at red carpet things and she’s just the most beautiful woman anywhere… so somebody is going crazy to put me on these lists.”

But insecurities haven’t stopped Vergara from getting excited for her upcoming November nuptials to Joe Manganiello, 38. “There’s a lot to organize,” she said of planning her Florida wedding. “I want all my friends from Colombia, South America, and Europe to make it.”

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In an interview with The New York Times, the star revealed that while she does not have a ‘special diet’, she enjoys balancing healthy food choices with more decadent dishes.

‘I’m very lucky, I love healthy eating. I love fish, I love eating vegetables, and I love salads. But I also love desserts. So I try to eat everything but in moderation,’ the star said.

The actress also agreed that she does struggle to squeeze workouts into her busy schedule, and added that exercise was akin to ‘punishment.’

‘For me it’s punishment. It’s not like, “Oh, let me relax and go to the gym.” It’s not my “me time” or my fun time. No. It’s my torture time. So of course I try to avoid it or make excuses every time.

‘But I do try to do it at least three times a week if I’m not shooting. I wish I loved it. Believe me, I wish.’

Vergara drag queen

Vergara drag queen