amy duggar shoot

amy duggar shoot

Amy Dugar Breaks Away from Ultra-Conservative Family Image for Her Engagement Photos
Amy Duggar is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the ultra-orthodox Christian family where two daughters did not kiss their spouses until a justice of the peace pronounced them man and wife. The Duggar family has been the center of attraction for months both as a result of their successful reality TV show that introduced the peculiar family to nation and a sex scandal involving one of the Duggar sons.

Admittedly, a number of people have been quick to attack the family in part out of envy over the daughter’s extreme Christian conservatism which is coupled with their exceeding beauty. The scandal involving one of the Duggar son’s only added fuel to that fire by legitimizing criticism of the family.

For her part, Amy does not ascribe to the extreme views of her cousins. She’s getting married next month and released some playful photographs.

In one still, she is seen rolling in the mud with her fiancé. While there was nothing inappropriate about the pictures, they were still a far departure from anything her cousins would publish. When asked about the photo shoot, Amy said she had the time of her life taking the mud pictures.

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She also respects her uncle’s marriage since it has lasted 31 years. She and her fiancĂ© plan on dining with her uncle and his wife to pick their brains for marital advice. amy-duggar-1-800
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