Katy Perry Fall down Go boom!

Katy Perry attended her first-ever Burning Man this weekend and while pulling some stunts on a Segway, she got a little bit carried away…literally.

Rocking a pair of goggles, a fur coat and a face mask while the dust of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert swirled around her, the 30-year-old pop superstar looked pretty cool doing a 360 before she accidentally lost control.

Of course, Perry felt the need to poke a little fun at herself on Instagram afterwards, writing, “Obvious first time burner alert.”

Now her dad Keith Hudson has given her a personal tutorial, which the 30-year-old shared on Instagram.

In the clip, Keith, 68, is seen perfectly spinning around on his Segway, saying: “Hey bird, you need a lesson ’cause this is the way you do it.”

Katy sarcastically captioned the video: “Thanks dad.”