Ellen DeGeneres Caitlyn Jenner: Jenner Reluctantly Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Talk Show Host Says

Ellen DeGeneres says Caitlyn Jenner’s thoughts on gay marriage are confusing. DeGeneres said that Jenner, in an interview on her talk show, seemed less than thrilled about the idea of same-sex marriage.

Jenner said she accepted that it’s the law of the land and said, “If that word ‘marriage’ is really, really that important to you, I can go with it,” Gossip Cop reports.

DeGeneres discussed the interview with Howard Stern on his radio show. “I think a lot of Republicans are wishing she wasn’t Republican,” DeGeneres said.

“Here’s a person on TV crying, ‘I want to be myself, I want to be genuine, I don’t want people to ridicule me’ and then says in the same breath, ‘Gee, gay marriage, I don’t get it,’ ” Stern said. “It’s remarkable.”

Despite Jenner’s outlook, DeGeneres said the pair had a great interview and she was grateful Jenner appeared on the show, even if questions remain.

“I don’t really know her, and I’m trying to understand it because I don’t fully understand it either, but I also want everyone to be happy,” DeGeneres said. “But I don’t fully understand all of that, but I want her to be happy, which is what I want for her for me.”