Publix Brawl: Fight over chicken (VIDEO)

Publix Brawl: Fight over chicken (VIDEO)

Disaster at the Publix deli when an employee and a customer got into a fight that spilled into the aisles of the store.

The scuffle involved 58-year-old Raleigh Harris who was reportedly being rude to the deli worker, 25-year-old Leon Lightbody. Lightbody confronted Harris and a fight broke out.

A verbal exchange escalated and Harris exploded at another employee that was trying to calm him down.

“He got really outraged and told him to mind his f****** business and kinda threw the n-word in there a few times. The guy that was ordering chicken was like running around the deli being chased by these other customers.”

The fight was caught on camera by multiple bystanders.

This is the second reported fist fight at a Publix in the last few months. Back in July, another brawl broke out at an Orlando Publix, again in the deli aisle.