Diana Ross Pregnant? Hmm Not So Much

Diana Ross Pregnant? Hmm Not So Much

Diana Ross Pregnant?

Singer, 71, Is The Subject Of Pregnancy Rumors

Diana Ross is not pregnant, despite a Twitter rumor that began after someone snapped a shot of the 71-year-old legendary singer with a bit of a belly.

Can a gal eat a bowl of pasta in peace? Gossip Cop reports that a source close to the “Baby Love” singer laughed and said that the pregnancy rumor is simply “not true.”

Twitter fans immediately started spreading rumors online. Obviously, several tweeters strongly believe the The Supremes goddess just gained a few extra pounds in her old age:

@wilkravitz: “Is Diana Ross pregnant with the medically implanted genetic clone of Michael Jackson? That would be a wonderful thing.”

@DeMarko_Gage: “Diana Ross isn’t pregnant. She just eating good.”

@xMelCole: “Why is Diana Ross pregnant ? She’s all of 170 years old.”

@mixedupboy: “Yeah right, Diana Ross is pregnant at 71. People are stupid.”

@zekiddd: “Diana Ross is 71 & she’s pregnant… That’s really sick…”

@SugarJones: “Diana Ross is NOT dead or pregnant. She just has a big tummy. Given that she’s SEVENTY-ONE, I think we can cut her some slack.”

@Camyyy__: “I’m confused. Is Diana Ross pregnant? Did I miss something?”

@MrWordsWorth: “All of you tweeting about Diana Ross being pregnant: Stop, in the name of love.”

@Maxine_Million: “Wait diana ross is pregnant? So much for that love hangover.”

@CrystalLewis: “Y’all, Diana Ross is 70+ years old. The only thing that woman is pregnant with is purpose.”

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