Macklemore Nap Photo Is Just too Cute

Macklemore Nap Photo Is Just too Cute

Macklemore shares adorable photo of himself napping with baby daughter

Rapper Macklemore shared a photo over the weekend of himself taking a nap with his newborn daughter Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty, reports PEOPLE.

The caption “There is nothing better” appears with the peaceful image of Macklemore snoozing next to Sloane who’s swaddled up like a burrito.

The ‘Thrift Shop hitmaker and wife Tricia Davis welcomed Sloane into the world in May and he has been sharing peeks into his new life on Instagram ever since. A photo of baby Sloane in a Seahawks jersey watching her first football game attracted social media attention.

Macklemore’s adorable napping image made us think of SFGate’s photo gallery featuring sleeping babies. Enjoy!