After internet trolls posted a picture of the 49 year old supermodel in a severely altered picture in a bikini, Crawford’s husband retaliated by posting pics of what she really looks like in a bikini without makeup. The photographer’s lawyer had responded by claiming that the photos were stolen and altered, and wrote a letter threating a lawsuit if the photos were not taken down.

The model, who turns 50 in Febuary reportedly looks just as fabulous and fit as she always did and barely looks her age at all, with few wrinkles, fantasic looking skin, and an athletic figure including a perfectly flat stomach. Even after having two kids, she still apparently finds time to work out and keep up her appearance, to the point that she doesn’t need makeup or airbrushing to look great.

The photos show Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber, on vacation in Miami, after returning from a trip to London where they had been promoting Gerber’s new Tequilia brand that he had started with their pals George Clooney and his wife Amal.

The pictures that Gerber posted show her both in and out of the water, wearing a two piece snakeskin bikini, and sporting a casual, wavy hairdo.