Comedy “it” girl Amy Schumer delivered a killer monologue on “Saturday Night Live.”

She opened by skewering the Kardashians, saying that she doesn’t believe they are the best role models for young girls in part because they “take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion.”

Schumer continued, saying that before, most women could at least relate to Khloe, until she lost weight: “She lost a Kendall,” jabbed Schumer.

Schumer went on to talk about her meeting with Hillary Clinton; she said she asked the presidential candidate about her drinking habits and revealed that Clinton said she only drinks tequila when her friends make her.

“Make you? Who’s hazing Hillary Clinton?” Schumer demanded to know.

Schumer also said that for a time, she believed she was engaged to Bradley Cooper because she had talked to him for 30 minutes at a party.

amy schumer snl

amy schumer snl

She said she knew the two were destined for love when Cooper said they should hang out sometime.

“But I’m trash from Long Island,” she cracked. “I have a lower back tattoo … Am I dating Bradley Cooper?”

She claimed to have changed her Facebook status to “Engaged to Bradley Cooper.” We’ll have to see how Cooper responds.

Schumer received plenty of praise for her hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.”

Lena Dunham wrote on Instagram, “Just rewatching with deepest pride for my sisterrr (also pride for her boobs).”