Cat Cora and her partner of 17 years are divorcing.

The “Iron Chef America” star released a statement Monday confirming she and partner Jennifer Cora are ending their marriage.

Court records in Santa Barbara, California, show that Jennifer Cora filed for divorce on Oct. 28 and Cat Cora filed her petition a day later.

“It is with great sadness, that after 17 years, a tremendous amount work, careful consideration and heavy hearts, my wife and I have mutually decided to no longer remain married,” Cat, 48, toldĀ PEOPLE. “In love, there is a season, a reason and a lifetime.”

Cat Cora And Wife To Divorce

Cat Cora And Wife To Divorce

“Although this is not what we ever imagined, we will always have four incredible reasons to celebrate our years together: our sons,” says Cat. “We are forever parents to our boys and are jointly committed to raising them in a peaceful, nurturing and healthy environment.”

A copy of the filings, which were first reported by celebrity website TMZ, was not immediately available.

The former couple has four sons.

Cora’s statement says she and Jennifer Cora are committed to jointly raising their sons in a peaceful, nurturing and healthy environment.

In a 2010 interview, Cat revealed their path to parenthood was an unconventional one.

“The doctor implanted Jennifer and me with each other’s eggs,” she said. “So she gave birth to Caje, but he’s my biological child. I carried Nash, but he’s Jennifer’s biological child.”

“As a same-sex couple, we had to go back and legally adopt them,” she added. “Even though Nash was her biological son, Jennifer had to adopt him. Same with me and Caje.”