Liam Neeson ‘gaunt’

When Liam Neeson stepped out looking frail in July, fans were concerned for the actor.

However, Neeson has revealed why he looked so healthy; It was all for his role in upcoming film Silence.

Neeson, 63, lost 20 pounds per director Martin Scorsese’s request.

“Martin wanted us all to look a bit more gaunt, which [costars Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield] did as well,” Neeson explained to Entertainment Tonight and other press at the 4th Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival. “I know Adam went to the extreme. He’s an ex-Marine, and when he’s given an order, he follows it through. He was like something out of Auschwitz.”

Liam Neeson 'gaunt'

Liam Neeson ‘gaunt’

Garfield  not only dropped 40 pounds, but was so engrossed in this transformation that it had a negative impact on his relationship with now ex-girlfriend Emma Stone. “He’d been in a dark place for months, getting into his role,” an insider told Us of the actor, who filmed alongside Neeson and Driver in Taiwan for months.

Silence follows two 17th century Jesuit priests who travel to Japan to locate their mentor and spread the gospel. Silence is expected in theaters in 2016.

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