Adele Impersonator video is hilarious

There’s only one Adele.

In a hilarious prank pulled by the BBC’s Graham Norton, the Adele put on a prosthetic nose, chin and concealing makeup and took on a group of impersonators.

The 27-year-old singer introduced herself as “Jenny” and disguised her voice, walk, and identity, saying she is a nanny.

Adele Impersonator

As impersonator after impersonator takes the stage belting her hits, Adele spends her time backstage enjoying the ruse, commenting on the impersonators: “She’s got (Adele’s) hands.”

And then the real Adele pretends to be sick and disappears from the audition.

The next time she’s seen again, she’s back on stage. The music cue begins, she misses it, saying she’s a bit nervous.

And then the fun begins. Adele – the real Adele – sings. The faces on the impersonators light up one-by-one in stunned, sometimes teary-eyed recognition, and they all start singing together.


Watch the Adele impersonator video below.

Adele Saturday Night Live

Meanwhile, Adele took to the stage as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 21, delivering a chillingly emotional rendition of her hit single “Hello.”

But the British songstress’ epic ballad had some hilarious side effects as well, serving as the saving grace for one family’s terrible Thanksgiving in an SNLshort.

In the clip, a family gathers around the Thanksgiving table for a meal together, but get into a squabble over comments like “I’m thankful that our governor is not going to let those refugees in here.”

“Thanksgiving with family can be hard,” a message intones over the video. “Everyone has different opinions and beliefs.”