Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram on last week to reveal his dramatic weight loss transformation for his upcoming film In the Heart of the Sea, adding that he consumed as few as 500 calories a day to prepare himself for the role.

Hemsworth, 32 – who is known for his fit physique and even landed PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive title in 2014 – looked especially frail in the picture, showing off his ribs as he sported a scraggly beard and cuts on his chest and face.

chris hemsworth weight loss

chris hemsworth weight loss

The Austrailian born actor revealed that in order to film the shipwrecked scenes, he had to go on strict diet to drop the pounds.

Along with the weight loss, Hemsworth revealed some other fun facts about himself during the Twitter chat. Here are 11 things we learned:

1. He thinks acting in a comedy is harder than a drama.
2. We might get to see him and Liam Hemsworth in the same film some day!
3. Kelly Slater was his inspiration growing up and the reason he became a surfer.
4. But his brother, Luke, was the one who got him into acting.
5. His favorite artist is Van Morrison.
6. His favorite movie of all time is The Never Ending Story.
7. If he wasn’t an actor, he’d be a zookeeper.
8. He says the best Hemsworth of them all is his mom, Leonie.
9. He wishes he had the power to time travel.
10. His go-to dance move is the worm.
11. He’s Team Peeta (Sorry, Liam!).