Country singer Joey Feek is ‘still feeling pretty good,’ her husband Rory Feek said this weekend.

The 40-year-old, who has terminal cancer, can no longer get out of bed but on Friday she was able to spend time with her 21-month-old daughter Indiana on her lap.

‘We’ve been able to keep her pain under control for the most part and her spirit is just as positive as ever,’ the musician wrote on his blog

‘It’s starting to feel like Christmas. And not just any Christmas – a very special Christmas – one that we’ll never forget,’ he added.

The couple, who have a farmhouse in Tennessee, moved back to Joey’s family home where she could spend her last weeks and days surrounded by her family.

Thanks to the generosity of ‘someone in the community who just wants to help,’ they have now been given the use of a larger house where there’s more room for Rory and Indiana, and where Joey has a bedroom with a large picture window opening onto the surrounding countryside.

‘Joey can look out and see white geese and black swans swimming in the pond and deer walking down the path. It’s amazing,’ her husband said.

Last month Feek shared a photo on Facebook of herself with daughter Indiana and another woman all in matching hats at home in hospice on Thursday, Nov. 19.

“The mail lady delivered us big smiles today,” Feek, 40, captioned the pic. “Hand-sewn hats, made with love.”

Just a day prior, Feek’s husband, Rory, shared a video featuring a then-pregnant Joey to celebrate Indiana turning 21 months on Wednesday, Nov. 18.
joey feek 5

“We’re going to sleep tonight remembering the morning we welcomed her into the world,” he wrote. “We had no idea when we woke up that day what a gift God was about to give us.”

Fee ,first revealed she had been battling cervical cancer in June of last year, had announced she was no longer undergoing treatment to fight the disease just last month.

Joey Feek

The singer made the heartbreaking update to his blog, This Life I Live, on Monday, revealing that the cancer is very aggressive and is causing Joey a lot of pain.










“Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going,” Rory Feek wrote on Nov. 9 on, a website dedicated to his wife’s journey. “So am I.”

Earlier this month it was revealed Joey has already said goodbye to her stepdaughters, Heidi and Hopie, whom Rory says she took on as “her own.”

“She told them how much she loved them, and how proud she is of them. And how proud she is to be their mother,” Rory wrote. “And then she talked with them about the one thing that she didn’t think she would ever have to talk with them about: Leaving them. And then she told them of the day when they’ll be together again in Heaven.”

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Heaven will have to wait a bit longer, but she will remain home until that day comes.

“Hospice is arranged and a hospital bed will be delivered later this morning,” he wrote on Nov. 9. “We’ll have a play area on the carpet nearby — close enough for her to watch Indy play, and for Indy to turn and make sure her mama can see her.”