Speaking on social media, actor James Woods said he was involved in a serious car accident on westbound I-70 near Glenwood Springs.

According to Woods’ tweets, a driver spun out in an ice storm, causing a seven car pile-up. Woods hit the wall on the right side of the road, then spun 180 degrees and hit the left wall. Woods said there were no deaths in the accident, but he is “banged up” and his car is “wrecked.”

“Every person I dealt with here in Colorado was just superb, professional and caring,” Woods wrote in a tweet. Woods thanked the Emergency Medical Responders, Colorado State Patrol officers, AAA, and doctors in Glenwood Springs who assisted with the accident.

James Woods Survives Accident

James Woods Survives Accident

Woods tweeted he was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee with four wheel drive. “That Jeep saved my life. An old tank,” Woods said.

Toward the end of Woods’ explanation of the accident he apologized for rambling and says he has a “little concussion.” Woods dedicated over ten tweets to explaining the accident.

Woods posted a photo on Tuesday saying he is “On the road again…