‘Home alone’ Macaulay Culkin

Home Alone is one of the most beloved and  Christmas movies of all time, and now we know what eventually becomes of little Kevin McCallister.

While you were busy fantasizing about how cool it would be to be left alone for the holidays, one man has been tramautized by the whole ordeal: Macaulay Culkin, iconic ’90s child star and real-life Kevin McCallister.

He stars in the first episode of a web series called :DRYVRS as a grown-up version of Kevin, and his life is not all sunshine and roses.

A chance remark unlocks a barrage of memories from Culkin’s character, who bitterly recalls the trauma of being abandoned as a child at Christmas time — the cutest f—ing eight year old in the universe … by far” — and left to fend for himself. Sound familiar?

'Home alone' Macaulay Culkin

‘Home alone’ Macaulay Culkin

Kevin might be scarred for life, and Culkin might be an infrequent screen performer these days, but Dishel has given him something to work with. When they are held up by a carjacker (played by co-director Kerry Harris, Culkin swings into Home Alone-style retaliation, with a Yuletide touch.

Dishel plans to post more episodes of :DRYVERS next year. Rosanna Arquette will be one of his guest stars.
Take a look a the first episode.