Street gangs credit card fraud

Gangs have changed the way they do things these days, no more of the days of slinging drugs on the streets and robbing people, they have moved on to credit card fraud which takes a lot less risk of getting caught, makes exponentially more money, and if they get caught, carries a lot less prison time for the gang members.

They have gotten a lot smarter, a lot better with their time, and a lot more educated. They make anywhere from upper six figures to millions of dollars everyday.

They pay employees at banks and stores to steal credit card information from customers and also buy people’s identities from various people on the internet, this is becoming gangs newest crime of choice. This money is also used to buy and sell guns to other gangs and they do this all over the world.

This kind of crime is costing the people of this country hundred of millions each year.

This is causing less fighting among the gangs and more working in peace, because they are doing the same type of crimes in the same ways so there isn’t as much tension among the gangs.

There is still violence, it just is not aimed at each other like it used to be, the violence is aimed more at the crimes instead of towards each other.

Gang members are getting smarter, they grew up with computer knowledge and are now using it to do smarter crimes. As the police catch onto one line of crime, they simply switch to another type of crime so they continue to make money and barely miss a beat so it is getting tougher to catch them.