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You know those hoverboards that aren’t actually hoverboards?

You know those things that are kind of dangerous/explosive?

It turns out you can’t bring them if you’re traveling on Virgin Australia, – airline isn’t a fan of the whole exploding problem. But some people aren’t happy about the ban on in-flight hoverboards. And by “some people” we mean Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe Slams Airline For Banning Hoverboards

Russell Crowe Slams Airline For Banning Hoverboards

The actor took to Twitter after he showed up at the airport and found out he couldn’t bring his hoverboard on the plane.

Virgin actually reponded to his tweet saying:

However, many social media users applauded Virgin Australia for their handling of the situation.

Hoverboards have been banned by most major U.S. airlines as well as British Airways, Qantas, Emirates and Qatar.

Additionally, hoverboard fires investigations have become a “priority” for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, who are currently looking into 16 cases across the country.