Hoverboard Mike Tyson Punch-out Meme

Hoverboard Mike Tyson Punch-out Meme

Hoverboard Mike Tyson Punch-out

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has made the internet happy as he was caught on video  as he  attempted to ride one of the new hoverboards that were considered a top Christmas gift this season.

Tyson appears to have the hang of it at the beginning until he doesn’t.

That thud you hear is Tyson’s back smacking the floor as he completely wipes out on the board. You even hear his daughter in the background warn him while he is spinning, “Daddy, I don’t want you to fall.”

Tyson hasn’t hit the ground that hard since Kevin McBride knocked him out in 2005.

For those out there who remember the painful hours spent attempting to knock Tyson down and avoid his damaging uppercut, this Vine is for you:

Ever since the hoaverboard became a must-have gift for this year’s Christmas, countless people are trying on the hoaverboard for a fun spin but instead end up with tragic falls, sprained bones and broken walls. Many clips on social media have surfaced showing people mostly family members trying on the new toy for the first time and then falling off with loud thuds and screams.