M.I.A. Paris-Saint Germain

Paris Saint-Germain are in the middle of battle with London-born rapper M.I.A after she wore a modified version of the club’s shirt in one of her music videos.

Taking to Twitter, the 40-year-old has revealed a letter sent to her record company, Universal Music, by Jean Claude Blanc, PSG’s deputy CEO, last month complaining about the fact she can be seen in the video for Borders, a song about the global migrants crisis, wearing a white PSG shirt with the words ‘Fly Pirates’ across the middle, as opposed to ‘Fly Emirates’, the French club’s sponsor.

As reported by the Guradian, Blanc’s letter requests a total halt to the broadcasting of any images or clips which show M.I.A. in the modified shirt as well as compensation for “the harm we have suffered.”

“We consider that the use of our brand and image in a video clip denouncing the treatment of refugees is a source of discredit to our club and distorts its public communication policy,” Blanc goes onto write, while also pointing out that PSG have “a remarkable impressive track record, as it notably won the French national championship five times, the French cup nine times, the League’s Cup five times and the European Cup once.” PSG have actually not won the European Cup/Champions League so it can only be presumed Blanc was referring to their Cup Winners Cup success of 1996.


Given M.I.A has tweeted images of the letter, and Universal have yet to block online access to the video, it suggests neither is taking the threat from PSG too seriously.

In one tweet sent on Monday, M.I.A wrote “Me and sports – it’s a love hate thing.”

The copy of the letter that M.I.A. posted on Twitter shows that it was received on December 21st, though the video remains available on YouTube and iTunes