Kristen Bell Good Place

Kristen Bell  and Ted Dansonare teaming up for the new NBC comedy series Good Place.

Good Place, which will have at the very least, a 13 episode run, comes from Michael Schur, co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation.

As reported by, Good Place is the story of Bell’s character, Eleanor, who comes to realize that she’s not the nicest person. In fact, she feels the need to relearn the difference between good and bad in order to repent for her previous actions.

Michael (Danson) comes into her life as a conscience of sorts, leading Eleanor through a journey toward self-improvement.

Kristen Bell In A Good Place With New Sicom

Kristen Bell In A Good Place With New Sicom

Despite her central role, Deadline reports that Good Place won’t mean an end to Bell’s time on the Showtime series House of Lies and that part of the stipulations for her Good Place deal was contingent on the ability to juggle her schedule so she could continue on with both shows.

Danson, meanwhile, already finds himself free with the end of his one-year contracts on both CSI: Cyber and Fargo.