Jonathan Goldsmith Dos Equis to part ways (VIDEO)

Jonathan Goldsmith Dos Equis to part ways (VIDEO)

Jonathan Goldsmith Dos Equis

After nearly nine years, the brewer of Dos Equis beer has finally lost intest in the  most Interesting man alive

As a result, the tan, suave, impressively bearded “Most Interesting Man in the World” is about to embark on his final journey over the next few months before fading into the pantheon of advertising icons.

But the man, who jaunts around the world on enviable adventures while often surrounded by beautiful women, certainly made life more interesting — and successful — for the previously under-the-radar Mexican beer brand.

Dos Equis, owned by Amsterdam-based brewer Heineken, nearly tripled its business since the campaign was introduced, says Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis. In the past year alone, sales of Dos Equis Lager Especial grew 10.2% to $325.3 million in the 52 weeks ended Jan. 24, says market research firm IRIWorldwide. The number of cases Dos Equis shipped between 2007 and 2015 grew by 34.8%, according to the company. Heineken estimates that about 25% of its future growth will come from the Dos Equis brand, helped by its appeal to the growing population of Latino men.

Goldsmith says the role that’s made his likeness an icon of living a fabulously rich and fulfilling life came naturally and was largely inspired by himself.

“I put all of myself into this character,” Goldsmith says. “What you see on screen was all there long before the this role was created — the beard, the mischief, the tan. I have a tremendous lust for life that hopefully comes across in my portrayal of The Most Interesting Man.”

Goldsmith is retiring from the role in a final ad spot debuting this week in which the Most Interesting Man boards a spaceship making a one-way trip to Mars. Goldsmith’s take on the suave, masculine character with an impressive list of life experiences helped shoot Dos Equis, a little-known brand owned by Heineken, into the national spotlight over the past nine years.