Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial Ends:  Hogan Awarded $115Million

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial Ends: Hogan Awarded $115Million

In the left corner, the former WWE star Hogan, 62. In the right corner, the US gossip website Gawker. In the middle, the distribution of a sex tape . March 7 opened a trial that lasted three weeks that will decide somehow between the right to privacy and freedom of expression.Description of the “match” in a few words.

Sex Tape

Several erotic films “house” have contributed to the hype (and fortune) of stars once released – think of Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton. Perhaps it will be the same after this trial for Hulk Hogan, who found himself in trouble, say, when Gawker posted a montage of sex experience that should remain private, he said. The story behind this is rather curious: Hogan would have accepted a sexual relationship with the wife of his colleague and best friend Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem (it is not invented), at the request of the latter, but would was filmed without his knowledge, he says, by a surveillance camera.Result: Hulk Hogan filed two lawsuits, one against Bubba Clem, the other against Gawker.

Private life

Who sent this sex tape  site Gawker gossip? Officially, we do not know. Bubba and Clem argues that it is not him. But in 2012, Gawker has posted a montage of this record of 1 minute 40 seconds. When he learned this leak, Hulk Hogan says he was humiliated and suffering a violent nervous shock, enough so that his hands tremble uncontrollably. Hogan’s lawyers estimate that Gawker violated the privacy of the wrestler, causing emotional stress. According to CNN, Hogan concluded a $ 5,000 agreement with Clem, who claimed initially that his friend knew he was filmed, before retracting and invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying at trial against Gawker.

Heather Cole

Heather Cole

first amendment

Gawker’s lawyers, meanwhile, compared the amounts of both prosecution to argue their point. Between $ 5,000 claimed to that filmed and 100 million claimed from the site that issued a mounting excerpts, there’s a revealing margin, they believe. They also claim that this video was of public interest, in part because Hogan sometimes publicly about his sex life. In his testimony in court, the former editor and publisher of Gawker, AJ Daulerio, said he exercised his freedom of expression protected by the First Amendment when it aired video editing, he found “strange and fun “. Daulerio maintains that it wanted to focus on the conversation between Hogan and Clem. The video contains only nine seconds of “real” sex …

Damages and interests

Hogan’s lawyer claims that the damage to his client by Gawker are more important than those caused by Bubba Clem, since the video has been seen by millions of Internet users. The president of Gawker, Heather Dietrick, believes the star has an agreement with Clem to go “look in deeper pockets more money.” And the site Gawker does not call for such a sum to be paid. The equivalent for the business of the Atomic Leg Drop, the favorite finishing move Hulk Hogan …