Daisy Ridley audition

The Force Awakens had loads of lovely surprises—but one of the biggest of all was just how relative newcomer Daisy Ridley completed nailed her portrayal of Rey. Now that we’ve seen her audition though, it’s hard not to see why the production team fell in love with her, too.

The short video from a documentary included on The Force Awakens’ home release discusses Rey’s creation, and how Ridley came to be attached to the project—but it also includes a snippet of footage from one of her audition tapes. Check it out:

Ridley’s audition scene (or at least one of them) ended up being part of the interrogation sequence between Rey and Kylo Ren after Rey was captured on Takodana in the movie… and man. It’s certainly impressive, but almost a little uncomfortable to watch her struggle and cry outside the context of the movie. And she had to do it again and again!

It is pretty cool to see all this behind-the-scenes footage though, given all the secrecy around The Force Awakens during its production. You can see even more of it when the movie releases on Blu-Ray and DVD next week, on April 5th.

Daisy Ridley audition was super awesome (VIDEO)

Daisy Ridley audition was super awesome (VIDEO)