Hugh JackmanPhoto Shared by Actor Prompts Comments About His Age

The 47-year-old posted a photo to his online accounts, showing himself giving a thumbs up with a platter of cooked fish. Outlets reported that he appears to look older than his age in the photo.

Fan left comments for the star sharing their concern over his slimmer and more aged appearance.

One wrote, “What happened to you Hugh? You are looking much older than your age … please take care … not looking healthy at all … pls.”

Another said: “Are you feeling well? Prays and positive thoughts your way just in case. Cheers.”

However, diehard fans of Wolverine, the mutant Marvel character Jackman has brought to life through the X-Men franchise, knew instantly that he was probably just still in make-up.

One fan wrote: “He is playing old man Logan so he is likely wearing extra makeup to look older since he is playing an older Wolverine.”
And another added: “Don’t worry. That’s just a “Makeup” for Wolverine 3 movie.”

The father-of-two has reprised the role for the eighth and final time for the third Wolverine film, which will be based on the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic books.