Spotted in public for first time Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian is ever popular in the news these days. Most recently for the horrifying robbery that took place in Paris. She has only just made an appearance in public after some time in seclusion with family, in what must have been a time for rest and recovery. The Paris robbery in which her jewellery was stolen is still under investigation and Kim has had to endure unfounded speculation the robbery was a fake to help sell her brand and TV show. Whilst it is common for conspiracy theories to surround celebrities and their lifestyles, to fake such a scary robbery, in which Kim is ripped from her bed and hog tied in the bath is the height of tall poppy syndrome. Kim and Kanye would no doubt be extremely thankful their children were not present with Kim during the robbery. This kind of stressful what if would happen to any parent and it would be understandable if Kim is suffering post traumatic stress syndrome.

New Money Spinner from Kim’s Porno Past

Another new Kardashian news worthy story (perhaps) is her x rated video being made into virtual reality experience. Making money of the Karashian name and especially Kim’s is nothing new. The sex tape that is said to have launched Kim’s celebrity profile has always been a money maker. This new spin on Kim Kardashians Porn movie is to use a look alike Kim model coming out of the sex tape and offering paid subscribers some x rated fun. Vivid Entertainment who settled a lawsuit with Kim over publishing the sex tape on their site, are the ones who have launched this new money spinner of Kim’s porno past. It is yet to be seen whether Vivid Entertainment will be able to keep this new exploitation of Kim’s image without a new lawsuit.