Stuck for Halloween costume ideas. Look no further for inspiration than the state capitol Washington DC. American politicians can be a boom business for Halloween.

Hillary Clinton concussion

Hillary Clinton

Who would guess that a kid dressed up as Trump would look so adorable. But picture an his signature orange combed over bouffant and pursed large lips on a pint sized kid and its sure to elicit some giggles; from both Republicans and Democrats. Just make sure the kid has practised meaningless slogan rhetoric and can stalk the other kids from behind on the trick or treat walk.

And not to be seen leaning one or the other – a Hilary costume offers some great choices. How does one dress up as Wikileaks or represent thousands of deleted emails? The pant suit and hair-sprayed helmet hair has got to be the easiest Hilary look to pull off. Just practice your pivot and rehearsed trick or treat spiel, that must sound not off the cuff, but stupendously rehearsed to the point of ones face resembling a robot on tilt.

The old classics will always be around for fall back Halloween costumes for adults and kids alike. The star of Watergate – Nixon, the founding father Abraham Lincoln and his iconic hat, any male member of the bush family, and of course ladies represent in Jackie O. But what about other often under rated White house personalities – ever thought of scaring the hell out of everyone by dressing up as Karl Rove? What about confusing everyone and being able to have no-one guess your costume by dressing up as Al Gore?

And of course inanimate objects that hold great reverence to the American Political Institution can be a unique Halloween costume idea. Ever seen the second amendment carrying a haul of Halloween goodies? Or perhaps the iconic statue of Freedom that sits a top of the White house itself could serve as a great Halloween dress up idea. Just make sure you get the Greek and Roman clothing, the eagle feathered headdress and mix of European and Native American imagery correct – No biggie!