Reports of Trouble in Kim and Kanye’s Marriage False

Claims that there is trouble in the marriage between Kim and Kanye are reportedly false. A rumor had surfaced that Kim had asked Kanye for a break in their relationship in November and that he had not returned to live with her after his release from hospital. Kanye suffered a breakdown and cancelled his tour, his doctor had him admitted for treatment. It was thought Kim might make her comeback to celebrity appearances and social media around the time of Kanye’s breakdown. But it is now reported Kim is sanding by her man and her marriage.

According to a source at the ‘E! network’ Kim is sticking by Kanye’s side and helping in nay way she can to nurse him back to health. Family is obviously important to the Kardashians and Kim’s marriage is no exception. Kanye will have all the support he needs from not only Kim but the entire Kardashian clan. Resting at home with his wife and children during the holiday season would surely bring comfort to Kanye at this difficult time.

Saint 1st Birthday


Their son Saint turns one on Monday and Kanye and Kim will be side by side to celebrate their sons 1st birthday. With their Hidden Hills estate still under renovation, the couple reside at their Bel Air mansion. The family have not yet confirmed reports that Kanye’s breakdown was the result of Kanye not taking the right dosage of medication or stopping his medication. The second half of 2016 has been rough for Kim and Kanye with Kim being held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris. Kanye went on to his Pablo tour and Kim continued to stay out of the limelight. Then Kanye was admitted to hospital for 10 days suffering from a breakdown.

It is reported that Christmas decorations have been delivered to their Bel Air mansion and the family will no doubt be looking forward to celebration of Saints birthday and Christmas with their two Children North and Saint.