EX WWE Champion Shad Gaspard Fights Armed Robber

Shad Gaspard a former WWE superstar managed a K.O. in real-life by stopping an armed robber in a Florida convenience store on Saturday night. The police responded to a call out just after midnight for an attempted robbery. Reportedly the drunken suspect walked up to Shad and asked Shad to buy him a beer. When Shad declined, the suspect pulled a handgun. Shad sprung into action and shoved the suspect against a cooler door and grabbed the gun. The gun fell to the floor and Shad realized it was only a BB gun.

Shad told reporters he was trying to remove the gun’s magazine and saw it had an air canister compartment, alerting him to the fact it was not a firearm.

The former pro wrestler is no shrinking violet, weighing in at almost 300 lb and standing at 6’7. Shad held the hapless robber on the ground until police arrived. The suspect was arrested for robbery with a weapon.

Not only was the suspect up to no good trying to rob the Florida store but he picked the one with a former WWE wrestler who had the ability to take him down any day of the week.