American singer Ariana Grande, whose concert was hit Monday night by a murderous attack in Manchester, Great Britain, is one of the favorite stars of pre-teens, with a rather wise reputation.

Although her latest album is entitled Dangerous Woman , she is not accustomed to polemics and scandals.

Ariana Grande wrote to be “broken” by the bombing. “From the bottom of my heart, I am terribly sorry. I have no words, “tweeted the singer, currently on tour in Britain.

Grande has indefinitely suspended her world tour in the wake of the terrorist bombing in England, reports TMZ.

Sources connected to Ariana tell TMZ, she will not perform Thursday in London and has decided for now to put the entire European tour on hold. She was scheduled to perform in England, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

The 23-year-old born in Florida to a family of Italian origin, made her debut at a very young age by joining the singers of a Broadway musical in New York.

A role in the Victorious sitcom allows her to cultivate a teen look, which she keeps by frequently wearing duvets or a cat’s ears headband.

Pre-adolescent public

Over the course of his three albums recorded in studio, his style has gradually become more sensual.

But contrary to Miley Cyrus, another star with which it is sometimes compared, Ariana Grande did not break with her image of star for teenagers. Her fan club “Arianator” is filled with little girls who knew thanks to her their first concerts.

In 2015, it was distinguished by a feminist manifesto in which it focused on the attention paid to the sentimental life of women, especially its own.

“Misogyny and double standards are still present,” Ariana Grande wrote on social networks, where she has 45 million subscribers on Twitter.

“I am looking forward to living in a world where people are no longer judged by who they are going to / are marrying / being related to, having sex (or not) / being seen (…) But on their own value as an individual, “she said.

Last month, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed that she had begun to manage her show “from top to bottom,” because she no longer wanted to leave her business run by others.

“Now I’m totally responsible and it’s an incredible experience,” she said.

Ariana Grande is sometimes found in the tabloid press, as any self-respecting celebrity. In 2015 she was filmed with one of her dancers licking a donut while muttering, “I hate America.”

She then explained that she was proud to be an American and that she was just criticizing her country’s penchant for overeating.

Ariana Grande has generally kept aloof from any overly pronounced standpoint, apart from allusions to her vegan diet as a means of fighting animal suffering.

Raised in the Catholic faith, she declared that she had left the Church because of her positions on the rights of homosexuals and was interested in Kabbalah, a mystical current of Judaism that also attracted Madonna.

When she was awarded the American Music Awards in 2015, she was accompanied by her grandmother whom she affectionately called “ma nonna”.