Hollywood is teeming with bald men who are famous.

Vin Diesel is an actor known for his roles in ***, Chronicles of Riddick, and Disney’s The Pacifier. He was born in New York and keeps his head shaved as part of his signature look.

Actor Bruce Willis is another famous bald man. He is known for his roles in the Die Hard films. Willis was married to Demi Moore and has three children by her.

Action star Jason Statham is bald. Statham has been in action films as the Transporter series, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Statham was born in London, England in 1967.

Deal or No Deal Host Howie Mandel is bald. He began his career in comedy and has also done voice work in films and television.

Nineties teen heart throb Joey Lawrence is currently bald. He was known as the brother on Blossom. Lawrence is currently starring on the show Melissa and Joey.

A Cure For Baldness?

Researchers say they’ve found a biological clue to male pattern baldness, which could lead to a sure fix!

They’ve found a protein called PGD-2 is more plentiful in the bald areas of the head. These proteins help contract smooth muscles as well as the control of inflammation and body temperature.

So now, the doctors think if they can find a way to block the protein from binding to the hair follicle, they could stop baldness.

“Our findings should lead directly to new treatments for the most common cause of hair loss in men, androgenetic alopecia,” according to George Cotsarelis, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues.

However any new treatments are at least five years away.

Famous Bald Men: Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis And Jason Statham