Doctors typically advise that people should continue to be active for as long as they are able to, in order to encourage healthy lifestyles into old age.

However, recent trends in middle-age knee surgery have doctors concerned about the toll of staying fit upon middle-aged bodies.

According to private surgeon David Barrett, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) performs over 70,000 knee surgeries each year. Within the next ten years, the NHS estimates that this number will increase by at least 20 percent at a cost of over £7,000 per surgery.

Though replacement surgeries are expected within elderly patients, the majority of these surgeries are required in the middle-aged group.

Dr. Barrett claims that this increase is because of the number of middle-aged people attempting to stay fit with sports.

Tennis, jogging, marathons and football are enjoyed by more people in this age group than ever before. As a result, their need for knee surgery is growing faster than before, as well.

Middle-Aged Fitness Causing Rise in Knee Surgery

Middle-Aged Fitness Causing Rise in Knee Surgery