Calling someone fat may be more than just rude or catty in the near future: If certain members of Parliament and the Central YMCA have their way, it’ll be a misdemeanor before long.

Calling it “appearance-based discrimination,” they claim that it’s just as much hate speech as harassment over sexual orientation and race.

Unfortunately, negative commentary concerning weight is extremely common in our society, with one in five overweight people claiming to have been victimized.

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It certainly would keep law enforcement busy if officers were required to respond to calls from those who feel socially snubbed and want to press charges against the offenders.

Feasibility of prosecution is certainly a factor to consider in this proposed legislation.

Although some people believe it’s a case of government going too far, the controversy serves a purpose in that it provides attention to the cruelty that some people face from others as a result of extra weight.

Calling Someone Fat Could Be Made a Hate Crime

Calling Someone Fat Could Be Made a Hate Crime